Guanajuato is home to a formidable cluster of suppliers of cosmetics and personal care products, and a place where important manufacturers of a wide range of innovative, high quality items—including natural products made from local ingredients—have chosen to base their production.
The Guanajuato’s construction sector includes exportable offer for industrial and housing construction. It offers a wide range of functional options such as metallic structures, steel products, grille forged by electricity, floors, wall covering, renewable energies, signposting, aluminium doors and windows, decorative concrete, children´s ride and urban furniture among others. They accomplished with standards and international regulations.
Food and Agro
Food & beverages
The Agrifood sector of Guanajuato has been a leader in the agricultural production due to its diversity of climates, geographical location, and the experience of its industry where it also enjoys one of the agricultural soils with greater exposure.


Guanajuato’s earth is magic, life giver, it is an earth that enriches and gives origin to flavor. It’s the strength that nourishes us. We produce excellence and quality with love to our land. Our fields are synonymous of certainty and reliability.
Our packing industry in Guanajuato has a highly technical and diversified product line; It has met the specific needs of industries such as food and beverages, agricultural products, cosmetics, automotive, pharmaceutical, and among many others. To face global competition, this industry located in Guanajuato is actively collaborating through our GTO PACK program, which continuously improves with outright and innovative solutions, design and engineering based on global trends. The processes that are worked in Guanajuato are flexography, overlay, hot stamping, stamping, rotogravure and rotomolding, certified by ISO 9001: 2015, DUNS and BSI.
GTOTECH is a productivity platform formed by 7 companies from different areas related (health, transport, services and manufacture) to developing and implementing technology, it offers solutions for digital innovation in the business and industrial world. Technology shapes economic growth, reconfigures social and work relationships, influencing industrial processes to become a catalyst of new business models transforming companies.
The construction and home decor sector in Guanajuato has 51 companies that export to 28 countries and is known for its richness in the creation of handcrafted pieces, which are presented in different forms. Handicrafts, decor, pets, furniture, kitchen, and outdoor items.
Shoes From Mexico
Shoes From Mexico is the country brand flag to promote our Footwear and Leather Goods Industry worldwide boosting Mexican brands all over the world. This initiative is headed by CICEG (Mexican Footwear Chamber) and COFOCE (Guanajuato World Trade Commission).
That is the reason to put in your hands “with a single click” this digital directory of:
1. The most recognized Mexican footwear brands,
2. Factories with the capabilities to work with you under private label programs, and
3. General information about numbers and news about Mexican market and industry.
The Fashion Dress Sector of COFOCE has been given the task of promoting SMEs in this industry to enter the international markets and niches where the products of Guanajuato are appreciated and recognized.
From the indispensable jeans to the elegant hats and jewelry; From knitting to the most sophisticated and exquisite leather garments, so classic, so root. From the maquila model to the own brands and designer brands generate fashion concepts for the world.
About us
Located in the heart of Mexico, Guanajuato offers the best of its products and services through Gto Supply, a digital platform focused on buyers seeking to meet their procurement needs in the following categories:
Fashion & Beauty, Footwear, Food & Beverages, Home & Decor, Agribusiness, Industry & Services, Automotive & Autoparts, Construction.
Our team, specialized in these sectors, will help buyers to identify the commercial partners that best suit their requirements.

Our Core Business

Creation of value links and the generation of business opportunities in 2 main ways:

  • 1.Provide Guanajuato suppliers with international visibility for the promotion of their products.
  • 2.Support buyers to find their suppliers quickly and easily.

Our Added Value
Specialized Services For The Buyer

  • Personal advice from COFOCE to find the right suppliers
  • Support with travel financing to get to know suppliers
  • Accompaniment during sourcing trips

Our added value
Services for the suppliers

  • International diffusion in the main export destinations
  • Addressing and administration of information requests
  • Permanent update of company profiles

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